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Reminder: It's normal that you don't see a price displayed for our products, as these are always adjusted according to the volume ordered.
To obtain a price, simply add the products you want to a quote request, taking care to indicate the quantity. We'll promptly send you a quote at the lowest possible price.

Hemisphere Duvet
  • Hemisphere Duvet

    Finally adapt your bed according to the weather and your needs with the Hemisphere comforter. Soft and fluffy, this duvet has two detachable layers: one light and cool and the other warm and heavier, which will make you want to sleep in longer, both in summer and winter.



    Set of two overlapping synthetic duvets: one of 200 g/m2 and the other of 300 g/m2

    White shell 100% microfiber

    100% polyester filling

    Snap fasteners



    Twin: 64x85 inches, 62 oz

    Double: 76x85 inches, 74 oz

    Queen: 86x92 inches, 90 oz

    X-Queen: 96x98 inches, 107 oz

    King: 103x94 inches, 110 oz

    X-King: 114x98 inches, 127 oz

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