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Reminder: It's normal that you don't see a price displayed for our products, as these are always adjusted according to the volume ordered.
To obtain a price, simply add the products you want to a quote request, taking care to indicate the quantity. We'll promptly send you a quote at the lowest possible price.

Pure Si Shield Mattress Protector
  • Pure Si Shield Mattress Protector

    Extend the life of your mattress without compromising on comfort with our Pure mattress protector. Made of 80% cotton/20% polyester terry cloth, this mattress protector is waterproof and treated with SiShield antimicrobial agent*.


    *SiShield's water-based antimicrobial treatment is designed to inhibit and destroy odor-causing bacteria and mold, and protect your mattress from bed bugs.


    Mattress protector


    80% cotton, 20% polyester fleece

    Treated with SiShield antimicrobial agent


    Adjusted contour


    Price per unit



    Twin, 39 x 75 + 15 inches

    Double, 54 x 75 + 15 inches

    Queen, 60 + 80 + 15 inches

    King, 78 + 80 + 15 inches

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